Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sermon/Bible Study- Rocky Goodsoil

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Date: 08-22-2009
Description: Bible study and brief meditation the day after ELCA votes to have full inclusion of GLBT folk.
Pastor : Megan Rohrer
Sermon : ELM - Churchwide Assembly 09
Scripture : Mark 4:1-20

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Bobby said...

All due respect, try sleeping on the cold sidewalk no blanket, and someone comes to say you stole my blanket just after some nice lady gave the one you have! Try living outside in the world where monsters wear clergy collars and say there is no Christ, with their behavior, as well their energy when it comes to your specific need. True intercession will ignite only when you feel deep in you, another persons pain, are you raising money for the poor, I pray you do well, I wonder what King Nub in Daniel felt like when Almighty God sent Him there to the beast in the wilderness for 7 years, he praised God when He was revived. Try leaving you under ware, your I-pod, your all behind, imagine the only hope you have is faith in Christ, awaking to see you sandal strap sliced with a razor, or 3 cig butts put out inches fro your beautiful face. Thank God you have never seen such evil in your life, Praying you score much cash to truly advance Homeless with a real attitude of empowerment. Thank you Father these have never been whrre your children are now, bless these to understand your understanding of true intercession. I Love you all in Christ. In Jesus name it is done!!!!!