Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day Two: August 18, 2009

Sleeping in the airport was suprisingly similar to sleeping in the shelters in San Francisco. It's sleeping on the floor with the lights on surrounded by lots of noise. Also, you don't know what the rules are and have a hard time sleeping because you think at any moment that you will be kicked out. And frankly with the strict Homeland Security rules I'm kind of surprised that they let me sleep in the airport without a flight to catch the next day.

The Churchwide assembly today was a lot of meetings about creating a Lutheran response to Malaria and human sexuality. I found it interesting that if the speakers who were speaking against homosexuality had said the same things about Malaria they would never have been able to get away with it.

Today I learned that the homeless in Minneapolis sleep in the walkways that connect buildings which makes a lot of since - as the walkways are designed to make it so people don't have to walk outside in the extreme heat. So tonight I'll find out how the police feel about the homeless sleeping in the walkways.

The Lutherans have been very generous to me. Today I got free meal passes for both lunch and dinner and $60 which will go to WELCOME to help with my goal of raising $6,000 on this retreat. These funds will help us feed an additional 5,000.

Insert pitch here begging you for money! Donate online.

I don't know if I have any thoughts yet about the differences between the homeless in Minneapolis and in San Francisco. Hope to learn more over the next six days.

Prayer: Tonight I remember the queer saint of the day...

August 18: Death of Pope Alexander VI- 1431-1503; Pope Alexander VI, born Roderic Borja, was allegedly bisexual. Fathering several children with several mistresses, he was also thought to have had several handsome male pages as lovers as well as a man named Jem. (Excerpt from Queerly Lutheran, Wilgefortis, 2009)

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