Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day Five: Four doughnuts and a scone

Today, I lived off of yesterday's meetings. For breakfast I had two doughnuts from yesterday's staff meeting. For lunch I had two more doughnuts. Later in the afternoon I had a scone. I learned the hard way the consequences of working during the times when the food lines are open. After work I have never enjoyed beans and rice more, as I quickly consumed my super from Food Not Bombs, a local group that feeds people in protest of the priorities of the governments spending policies.

Later in the evening the generosity of the streets provided as I was able to take the other street retreaters out for dessert at Mel's Diner for Carmen's birthday. This added berry pie to the nutritional value of my day.

Despite the rising number of working poor in today's economy, there is a surprising lack of options for meals during the day. I suppose if I was on the streets longer I could make use of the food pantries that give away food on the weekends, but without a kitchen or a stove I'm not sure what good it would do. I suppose I could apply for food stamps and get a debit card that can be used at Subway, though I doubt the funds last very long when used on precooked food.

This lack of proper nutrition and emphasis on starchy filling foods is a large part of the reason the America's hungry are overweight rather than skinny. Farms can grow some of the food that can be eaten raw by the working poor, but I still long to put into practice a food pantry that gives out precooked food for those who live in buildings without kitchens or who work during regular food line hours.

Also, on a completely different subject, all those that are worried about my safety as I sleep on the street: know that nearly each night I me others who are afraid sleeping on the streets, others are so vulnerable or frail they could not hurt anyone. It seems tha the real danger is non-homeless people. Particularly on a night like tonight, it is those out drinking while watching the World Series that are out of control and unsafe.

Well, sleep beckons. Hope you and yours are warm and safe tonight. Prayers for all the people who pick produce in the fields, who stock shelves and who drive trucks.

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